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Deep Science Ventures is launching the Venture Science Doctorate (VSD), combining research and entrepreneurship, to put venture creation at the heart of the PhD.

Ahead of the programme going live in 2023, we are looking for PhD candidates, supervisors, research partners (including labs, universities and research institutions), industry partners, funding partners, advisors and those involved in government/policy, to help shape and perfect the first VSD cohort in a years time. If you are determined to positively change PhDs and reorient them to help solve some of the world's biggest problems, we want to hear from you!

About the Venture Science Doctorate: A new venture-led, diversity-first PhD programme. With backing from leading partners and a supervisory network of the world's most entrepreneurial science Professors, graduate researchers will spend 1 year analysing their chosen sector, before up to 2 years of lab work, to intentionally converge on creating high-impact science companies.

We want to hear from you!