Creating Circular Bioeconomies Through Next-Generation Crops

Time/Date: 3-4pm GMT, Friday 27th of January 2023

Join us as we unveil a new opportunity area for venture creation: Creating Circular Bioeconomies Through Next-Generation Crops - using venture to create the crops of the future.

This opportunity aims to build new ventures that will allow the creation of crops and varieties that enable circular bioeconomies. Crops are excellent "molecular factories" that can produce the calories and nutrients needed for a healthy diet and provide renewable inputs that are a great alternative to petrochemicals. However, constraints such as the length of breeding cycles and low genetic engineering efficiencies have limited crop improvement efforts to only a few crops with a narrow focus on food, feed, bioethanol, and a few plant-based materials. Breeding and genetic engineering innovation will expand crops' use cases, thus reducing our dependency on petrochemicals and other extractive processes and achieving better yields, high nutrient content, and enhanced environmental services to benefit society and the planet.

We are seeking entrepreneurial scientists to join us on this project. To hear more about this opportunity area, please join us for a 1-hour webinar at 3pm GMT on January 27th - please register below!

Time/Date: 27th of January, 3-4pm GMT